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Appraisal re-start; October 2020


Professor Stephen Powis issued guidance in relation to appraisal during the COVID-19 crisis on the 19 March 2020. The guidance supported that appraisal be put on hold until further notice to provide clinicians to focus on patient care. 


Following a review of this position, Professor Powis confirmed on the 3 September 2020 that appraisals were to re-start as of the 1 October 2020, however that this would be in a post-covid light touch approach, focusing on the health, wellbeing and support to the medical profession.


To read Professor Powis' advice regardin the restart of appraisal please access here.


In addition, the North East and North Cumbria Responsible Officer, Dr Jonathan Slade wrote to all GP's in the area to support the restart of appraisal, providing guidance and support to all GP's in the area. Please view here.

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