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Annual appraisal is a contractual requirement for all qualified doctors, and is the means by which Revalidation is achieved. GPs in training do not have to have a formal appraisal as well as their annual ARCP assessment.

Newly qualified GPs have their first Revalidation completed by Health Education England at the point of successful completion of ST3 . However, it is important that GPs in training have an understanding of the appraisal process to understand what is required for their first appraisal as a qualified GP.

NHS England therefore agree that there is significant value for trainees to take part in a 'PRACTICE' appraisal at the end of the ST3 year. This does not relate in any way to their first Revalidation by HEE, but provides an opportunity for the trainee to gain some experience of being appraised. The appraisal discussion, which is carried out by the trainer after the final ARCP will enable the trainee to discuss their achievements as a trainee and identify their on-going development needs, creating a PDP to guide their CPD for the following year.

The aim is that the trainee will leave their final practice knowing what the appraisal process involves, how to prepare for their first appraisal as a qualified GP, what documentation is needed ,and also to have a PDP to work towards during their first year of work.

Full guidance on this 'practice' appraisal process is found in the documents uploaded in this section.

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