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The change in focus and content of appraisals after the first wave of Covid has implications for you as an appraiser in terms of preparing for te appraisal,conducting the appraisal discussion, signposting support and completing the output documents. There are two core documents that you must read to become familiar with the detals of the medical appraisal 2020 process;

NHSE guidance for appraisers for 2020 Covid appraisal

NHSE powerpoint on 2020 Covid appraisal

Your skills as an appraiser have never been more important and are absolutely essential to the success of this revised appraisal process.

Other useful guidance

Remote appraisal guidance

Raising concerns following an appraisal

Appraiser sign off of MSF

Quality assurance process

The QA process will restart in the coming months. Work is ongoing to adapt the EXCELLENCE form to reflect the changes in the 2020 appraisal process.

Once the QA proces restarts, your QA review should be carried out three months before your birthday month, using the QA form below, which is completed by the appraiser and sent to the GP tutor who provides feedback on three of your appraisal summaries each year.



We will be running update events in March 2021, it remains unclear if these will be conducted remotely but we will let you know in due course.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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