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Appraisal has restarted for all UK doctors in October 2020, after a suspension of six months during the height of the first wave of the Covid crisis. NHS England fully apprecaite that the future is far from certain, and spikes of Covid may lead to future local or national suspensions. It was felt very important to re-introduce appraisal to provide an opportunity for a confidential professional discussion, supporting your personal and professional development, and your health and well-being at this very challenging time. But equally importantly, the preparation must be straightforward and proportionate.


Key points to note

♦ Appraisal is always an important chance to reflect on your scope of practice, achievements, challenges, aspirations and development. This is more important than ever in the context of the pandemic. A facilitated reflection on the impact of your experiences to date and your plans going forward should form the focus of your appraisal.

♦ It is understood that your supporting information and written reflection may have been significantly limited by the disruption caused by the pandemic.

♦ The appraisal discussion will cover key learning from any CPD, quality improvement activity or significant events, and any feedback from patients and colleagues (including complaints and compliments) you might have recieved since your last appraisal, as usual. Verbal reflection captured by your appraiser will be used as supporting information where appropriate.

♦ Maintaining your health and wellbeing is key to your ability to offer high quality, safe care at this challenging time. Your appraiser will encourage you to reflect on this aspect of your professionalism and signpost you to suitable resources if needed. This is particularly relevant if you are at additional risk from Covid-19, for example if you are from a BAME background, have a pre-existing health condition, increasing age or pregnancy.

♦ After the meeting, your appraiser will complete the appraisal outputs with you in the same was as previously.

♦ You should be able to use your usual documentation. Several providers appraisal platforms are working to support this change in emphasis within their existing products. The Medical Appraisal 2020 template illustrates key areas for you to reflect on, whilst ensuring you are still meeting the essential GMC requirements to demonstrate continued competence.

♦ The GMC have confirmed that these appraisals are consistent with existing GMC guidance for appraisal and revalidation.

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